The Stewart Collection



Stewart’s Lessons for the Banjo, by S. S. Stewart, 1879.  From the Library of Congress’ American Memories Collection. A good introduction to banjo playing and reading.

Complete American Banjo School, by S. S. Stewart, 1883-1887.  We have J. Adam Latham to thank for this one. He is a hero to the banjo world!

This is SSS’ prized work.  Originally published entirely from engraved plates, old Sam just kept adding to it.  Most of the added articles will be found below.  The first part is instruction with an interesting section on thimble playing.  The second  part is music.

The Banjo Philosophically, by S. S. Stewart.  “Its Construction, Its Capabilities, Its Evolution, Its place as a Musical Instrument, Its Possibilities, and Its Future.”  Read this before “Observations.”

Observations on the Banjo & Banjo Playing, by S. S. Stewart.  A must read for any banjoist.  This is a complete “how to” including thimble or stroke style, right and left hand fingering, even how to use friction pegs. Download  it now absolutely free!


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